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Shakespeare for Kids and Adults

Peter Kahle
Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream:
A Prose Narrative
This charming retelling of Shakespeare's play in story form makes an excellent gift for adults and children to share. This beautifully illustrated  8 x 11" hardcover volume will transport you to Shakespeare's world.
Courtly lovers await you there in the enchanted forest: fairies, too, and magical transformations, the romantic battle between Oberon and Titania, and the comic antics of Puck, and Nick Bottom and the Mechanicals.
Designed for children ages seven to fourteen, the narrative contains many favorite lines, for it is told in the Bard's own words.

70 p 6 color, 6 bw illustrations
Hardcover, Gold Stamped, retail $22.95
ISBN 09655702-0-7
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Nancy Pearl, Book Lust, KUOW Radio, "(A) beautiful retelling of A Midsummer Night's Dream...with wonderful watercolor illustrations...a very good introduction to Shakespeare for kids. It doesn't skimp on the Shakespeare quotes, but it  makes the story accessible to young people."
Stephanie Shine, former Artistic Director, Seattle Shakespeare Company - "A child who has this book read to them as a first exposure to Shakespeare will undoubtedly go to the theatre  with enthusiasm to see A Midsummer Night's Dream and treat it as a magical old friend."
 Finalist Small Press Book Awards
Juvenile / Young Adult Fiction Category

The book's special feature is an envelope containing playscripts designed to allow a child to perform two scenes from the play. A prologue and epilogue introduce Shakespeare's time and language and give staging and costume suggestions.
This lyric narrative will make a handsome addition to any book lover's library.
Shakespeare's The Tempest:
A Prose Narrative
The Tempest is a play about magic and a wild deserted island in the middle of the sea. Prospero, Duke of Milan, has been stranded by his enemies upon upon that island for with none for company save his three-year-old daughter, Miranda. Twelve years they endured, while MIranda grew wise under her father's teaching and beautiful as a rose, and Prospero studied his magic arts and gained great power.
This is a tale of revenge and true love, about a wise magician, an angry monster, a grief-stricken king, a handsome prince, beautiful maiden and two treacherous brothers. For one day his enemies sailed within the reach of Prospero's power, and this is what happened thereafter.
Written for readers seven through fourteen, the story is told in Shakespeare's own language, with added narration and description to make it read like a novel.  
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70 p 6 color, 6 bw illustrations
Hardcover Gold Stamped Retail $22.95
ISBN 09655702-0-7
Frank Mack, Former Managing Director, California Shakespeare Festival
"Kahle's The Tempest is an outstanding example of how to retain the complexity of characters and brilliance of language...while also making the work accessible to young minds new to Shakespeare's infinte world. The kind of (book) that can get a youngster hooked on Shakespeare for life..."
Finalist Independent Publisher Book Awards
Juvenile / Young Adult Category
The book includes a Cast of Characters and a Glossary of interesting and fun Shakespearean words. The Afterword describes how the play may have been mounted usig 'special effects' of Shakespeare's time.
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