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Poetry for a Midsummer's Night

Marvin Bell
50 p  8 full-color plates
Hardbound 5.5 x 11" $19.50
Gold Stamped Cover

In the spirit of William Shakespeare, with a contemporary twist of words only master poet Marvin Bell could craft, Poetry for a Midsummer's Night will be savored again and again.
A chance to play Puck in a backyard production of the play led to this remarkable book. When, in the introduction, Bell describes the evening, he might well be talking about the book itself:
"That evening, like Shakespeare's play itself, is all about delight—in romance, in mystery, in puckishness and true love, in friendship, and preeminently in the language of poetry that twists and turns to follow our very insides...
Poetry is like that. Its effect occurs inside the reader ready for it...These poems are a kind of talk that might go on among those who know the play...as we relive the longest day and quickest night of the year."
Sumptuous oil paintings by Mary Powell set the stage for a magical night in the forest, an evening with friends, or a moment with a lover. 
A wise person once said, "You should read poetry aloud at least once in your life under a midsummer night sky. And a good bottle of wine wouldn't hurt."

Like Words, Like Music 
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Emily Baillargeon, Seattle Weekly-"This is art, theatre and poetry wrapped up in one beautiful package."
Excerpt from
"How the Lovers Found True Love After All"
People will tell you the forest has its way
with those who walk it all-worked-up.
Desperate, lonely, lovesick every day,
they sniff the devil's paintbrush, the buttercup.
Who can predict when Cupid's state is bliss,
and Eros can spare an amorous advance?
Our lovers, heretofore astray, amiss,
found true love's path by the seat of their pants.

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